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  • Cobub Razor

    Mobile Analytics of Open Source

    What is Cobub Razor?

    Free & Open Source App Analytics Platform
    Collects data and show reports at backend
    Helps on Apps’ marketing
    Helps to improve App User Experience
    Alterative of Flurry Analytics, GA Mobile & Mixpanel

Open Source Edition & Commercial Edition

Hosting Service

Private DB Secured
Lower Cost
Quick Response Support

Commercial Suite

Real Time Reporting
Tag Users, Lean Marketing
Better Performance
Quick Response Support


Integrate SDKs
Data Points in Key Path
Marketing Driven by Data
Typical cases study

Technical Brief

  • Based on open source & free product(MySQL + PHP)
  • Lightweight architecture + large amount of data
  • WEB side based on HTML5, fit iPad & other mobile devices
  • Easy to expand
  • Multi-language support (English/Chinese/Japanese/Deutsch)
  • License: GPL V3.0
  • Open source code with more trustable reliability
  • Deploy it on your own server, with secured Private Database

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